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What is the difference between mobile power and charging treasure?

Mobile power English name called powerbank, in other words, called “battery bank, mobile power market appeared in early 2002, when there was no such concept of intelligent machines, or intelligent machines have not into a common user concept, so mobile power around 2009, in the domestic market it is unknown to the public, until the second half of the 2011, mobile power was officially in the digital arena, then get out of hand.
Charging treasure, in fact, mobile power in China is a more popular talk, that is, can be used to recharge the baby. Mobile power charging treasure, just one thing two concepts. The current mobile power supply capacity of around 3000~10000 in general, more see products reached 54000mAh, but the price is definitely not ordinary people can afford to buy.

Is the mobile battery charging and heating normal?

1, the reason is because the mobile power heating in the process of using energy battery can not be 100% all of the output, there is a part in the form of heat dissipation circuit in mobile power inside, its efficiency is high, the heating will be lower, because of the losses in the circuit on the less energy. Of course, fever can also bring some serious problems, such as overheating, short circuit combustion, high temperature acceleration and aging of components.
2 、 mobile phone power supply structure: smart safety mobile phone power supply structure: electric core + protective plate + shell + additional function.
3 、 classification of mobile power: iPhone backup mobile power, plug-in mobile power, leather mobile power, general mobile power, protective shell, mobile power supply, etc.. According to the lithium ion battery electrolyte materials used in different lithium ion batteries can be divided into liquid lithium ion battery (Li-ion Battery) and polymer lithium ion battery (Polymer Lithium-ion Battery, referred to as Polymer) two categories.
4, because the mobile power structure problems, as well as circuit boards and material problems. Led to his fever.
Summary: mobile power lines and components of various types of resistance, the less the heat, which is a direct evidence of the quality of a mobile power supply.

What happens if the mobile power is not charged?

Mobile power is not charged, how to do mobile power charging, heating normal?
Mobile power supply is a portable charger integrating power supply and charging function. It can charge or standby power supply for digital devices such as mobile phones anytime and anywhere. In general by the lithium battery or dry battery as a power storage unit, equipped with a variety of power adapter, usually has the characteristics of large capacity, multi use, small volume, long service life and safety and reliability etc.. How can I do the mobile power without charging it?
1, if you use the built-in mobile phone data line charging can not charge into, please replace a charge only not Microusb data line to try, this may be the mobile power transmission to the mobile phone charger.
2, you can try to connect other mobile phones with mobile power, to see if there is no charge into the phone in the case, if not, it may be a mobile phone or data line problems. If the mobile power is really not available, you can send it to repair or replace the new mobile power directly.
3, all kinds of electrical appliances need to be placed in a dry, less air humidity environment and humidity of the environment is unfavorable, to save all kinds of appliances so in order to use your mobile power life, as mobilepower is placed in a dry environment.

Charging treasure how to charge?

Recognize the function of each component and interface of the mobile power supply, and distinguish which interface should be used to prevent the wrong connection from causing the equipment to be damaged.
After you select the corresponding connector, you can charge. Of course, these interfaces are just some of the most common ones. If you’re convenient, you’d better charge them with an original data cable.
In the charging process is generally carried out automatically, to select overcharge protection with charging treasure, in case excessive charge on the phone damage.
In addition to the larger capacity products need special charger, faster charging, general use of mobile phone charger can, of course, also can use the computer USB interface (not recommended)

Charging treasure purchase errors

Charging treasure capacity is bigger, the better
For lithium batteries, the increase in capacity is bound to result in a double rise in volume and price. In the purchase, should be consistent with their actual needs to choose, and avoid blind pursuit of “large capacity.””.
Core capacity = actual capacity
Unless otherwise specified, the current packaging “capacity” is the core of the internal electric capacity, coupled with different mobile phone charging circuit or other equipment inside there will be gaps, so the true value of the output capacity according to different equipment and different.
More accessories, the better
The output interface used by most of the common USB mobile power charging adapter interface, some manufacturers will be equipped with a different number, different people have different opinions about these parts, or according to the actual demand to us.
Good sales
Network channel sales of mobile power are characterized by super large capacity and ultra low price, but the quality may not stand the test. At the time of purchase, be reasonable and try to choose the brand.
The polymer core must be safer than the 18650 core
The theory is so, but there are few brands producing high quality polymer core in our country at present, and there is a great difference in overvoltage protection among different manufacturers. Today, the big brand 18650 core technology is more mature, better security, explosion probability is very low.

Charging treasure purchase skills

Short time response, it is recommended to choose 5000 Ma or so products, business travel, the proposed selection of 10000 Ma or so, generally higher than 15000 Ma or less than 3000 Ma mobile power, practical will be greatly reduced.
Electric core
At present, mobile power sales mainly adopts liquid lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, relatively stable output efficiency, and lithium polymer batteries than liquid lithium-ion batteries has the advantages of light weight, high security.
Conversion rate
Conversion rate is too low, mobile power line loss will be great, may occur fever or even explosion. Conversion rate of about 85% of the products have been excellent, and if you declare the conversion rate as high as 90% or more, it is likely to be false.
Product compatibility
Digital products are diverse, and circuit design and interface are not nearly the same. Before buying, you must first understand your electronic products need the interface, voltage and other information, if you can try to bring to the counter test machine.
Accessories and additional functions
If a plurality of charging switching heads can be extended, the dual interface can charge two electronic products simultaneously, and the LED illuminating lamp can be used for emergency. In addition, solar charging function time is too slow, belongs to chicken ribs function.
Choose brand products
Try to choose brand products. The establishment of a brand requires advertising, but also the need for word of mouth. Choose more well-known mobile power brands, product quality may be better, more secure, the future after-sales service more in place.

Mobile charging treasure life

How long can the charge treasure use, this needs to see several aspects: electric core, capacity, OCBA circuit board and so on. The general mobile power charge discharge cycle number in the 300-500 range.
Electric core
Usually 18650 of the standard imported A product core, the use of frequency is about 500 times, the domestic first-line big brand is also good. But the life of the second line brand is basically between 300-400 times.
The greater the capacity of the mobile power, the longer the total life, because the more common mobile power capacitor, the full use of the time after the longer, the longer the natural life.
Circuit board
Equivalent to the brain, the use of high-quality circuit board mobile power supply more durable, easy to use, safer, if it is inferior circuit board mobile power, fault prone, easy to damage the phone, and even the risk of explosion.

Types of charging treasure classification

General charging function mobile power supply
At present, one of the most popular types of mobile power market, they do not have any expansion function, can only charge and discharge. Most of their styling is more fashionable, and the use of soft packaging core, is a professional external portable mobile power supply.
Multifunctional mobile power supply
This kind of mobile power supply is also a popular type at present. In addition to mobile power charging and discharging functions, they also integrate some other practical functions, such as LED lighting function, LCD display function, etc..
Mobile power supply with solar charging function
The mobile power is equipped with solar panels, which can be charged by sunlight during use. This type of mobile power is not very practical at present.
AC plug type mobile power supply
A mobile power source with a folding AC plug – a portable plug-in mobile power source: it can be plugged directly into the home socket to charge the product itself. The charger and the mobile power supply function as one and are more practical and portable.
Built in charging linear mobile power supply
In addition to charging for digital products, users are also looking for mobile power portability. With a built-in charging line, users can no longer be bothered to find charging wires and adapters.
Splicing / split type superimposed mobile power supply
The splicing of several independent power supplies can enlarge the overall capacity of the power supply and meet the demand for larger power consumption. When the power consumption is small, the large capacity power can be disassembled into a small capacity power supply to reduce the weight carried by the battery, and the battery life is not delayed.
Wireless charging mobile power mobile power supply
Do not need USB line plug in, also do not use power line connection socket, can realize wireless charging mobile power supply in the outdoor.
Tablet PC
Tablet pc mobile power, is aimed at and solve the tablet product use time is too short problem. With a large capacity mobile power, it can provide a steady flow of power for tablet products anytime and anywhere in the mobile state.

Charging treasure introduction

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